And the clock struck thirteen…nearly!

At last the United Nations has triumphed! Last night it proved that when the chips are down it can deliver. By the skin of its teeth and in the nick of time, the Security Council approved a resolution that not only sanctioned a no-fly zone over Libya, but “all necessary means” to protect civilians – and the world breathed a sigh of relief. A genocide averted, and hopefully a halt to acts of gross inhumanity by a brutal, deranged dictator. Libya now has a chance to decide its own future.

Respect! To the Arab League who decided that they would support a no-fly zone over Libya. Without this I doubt whether the UN resolution would have succeeded. Russia and China would almost certainly have voted against.

Respect! To President Obama. No he wasn’t being indecisive, he was being deliberative. His decision to let others take the lead and to keep the US profile low was sensible, inspired even.

Respect! To David Cameron (not often he gets that from me!) and to President Sarkozy for tabling the resolution in the first place. David Cameron worked tirelessly over the past week to persuade many of the doubters to support the resolution.

The final outcome in Libya is still uncertain, but at least now there is hope.

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