A Taxing Question

One of the main reasons why we have such a humungous deficit is because our spending is too high and our taxes are too low. Isn’t the answer to come clean about tax? Politicians are afraid to put up taxes because they will lose votes. Yes, folks it’s about them and not us. Who would have guessed? The result of this idiotic state of affairs is that we get into the sort of mess we’re in now.

We want a European welfare system with American style low taxes. It can’t be done. In case our politicians haven’t noticed, Americans don’t do welfare. They don’t to very much health care, in fact they don’t do ‘care’, period.

Oh, and our supposed low tax system benefits only the better off. We have consistently taxed people into poverty by making our tax thresholds too low.

We can’t have the best of both worlds, and until we realise this we will always have a problem making ends meet.

Are we about to destroy our economy and condemn millions to years of unnecessary hardship because we can’t bite the bullet on tax? Looks that way.

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