A future for Europe and for Britain, a European Union of Nation States

What’s in a name? One hell of a lot! A ‘European Union of nation States’ is not just playing with words, it’s what the current European Union needs to become, and it is a union that Britain should be a part of.

As Europe struggles to understand the lunacy of the Brexit decision, and Mrs May desperately tries to come up with a plan, there needs to be some fresh thinking before Britain reaches a point of no return. The disaster that is Brexit needs to be transformed into a catalyst for a new Europe, one that includes Britain.

European leaders are very aware, much more than they ever have been, of the rumblings of discontent about the current European Union within their own countries. Even the bureaucrats who pull the levers in Brussels have had a very rude shock, one, many will say, that is long overdue.

All talk of a federal Europe ended many years ago, but the Brussels machine, which was designed with a federal outcome in mind, has not changed. There has been no driving force for change, no new ideas to keep the European ideal fresh.

Isn’t now the time for Europe to make the adjustments it needs to make, and to rebrand itself as a European Union of Nation States? I believe it is, but what Britain needs right now is for European leaders to start talking along these lines and to invite Britain to be part of this new Union. Britain needs a lifeline, Europe needs Britain.

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