A Clegg up for Nick?

The Lib Dems are undoubtedly  feeling a little sore right now. Their recent battering at the polls have left them bruised and bewildered, but probably much wiser. To those of us looking on, the scale of their naivety, their unworldliness, their stupidity even, remains mindboggling. They were right royally stuffed by their coalition partners in so many ways. The ‘nasty party’s’ cunning plan worked a treat.

But what now? Nick Clegg is promising a much more robust relationship with the Tories, but will it happen? Well it might. Why?  Because the nastiness of the Tory cunning plan might just have done enough to make those sleepy souls in Lib Dem world headquarters sit up and think. The Tories scheming and plotting may yet be their undoing – and the making of Clegg minimus.

If Nick Clegg has the balls to stand up to Cameron and is seen to do so. If the Lib Dems can find their voice and people start to believe that they are having a positive, if not restraining influence on the Tories, then things could change.

It wasn’t only Lib Dem eyes that were opened by the “ruthless, calculating, tribal” behaviour of Dave and his bully boys. The electorate have had a timely reminder of what sort of people the Tories really are. They’re also beginning to realise that they were duped. Once this has really sunk in, there is every likelihood people will start to feel aggrieved and the target for their opprobrium could shift. Having been tough on Nick Clegg  there could be a reversal of sentiment towards the Deputy Prime Minister and his party.

This is Nick Clegg’s opportunity. If he’s half the man he should be, he can turn things round, but it’s a big ‘if’ and a big ask. We will soon see if Nick Clegg has any ‘cajones’ and whether the Lib Dems can step up to the mark and give the Tories as good as they get. Edwina Currie once said that dealing with the Lib Dems is like wrestling with a jelly. Is she right? Is there anything to them? Is Nick Clegg a leader or a waste of rations? We’ll soon know.

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