Lobbyist Breaks Cover!

Top Washington lobbyist, Jimmy Williams has spilt the beans. In the first installment of his book ‘Follow the Money’, he pulls back the curtain on corporations and interest groups who apparently have unlimited ability to spend money on political causes i.e. on lawmakers, and political action committees – whoever they want, really. In other words they can apply the pressure and dish the influence like any other lobbyist. They can throw their money around as they please. Oh, and if by some slip of the corporate beancounter’s pen they forget to tell the IRS about their largesse, which most of them do, all they get is a small fine.

The loophole? A Supreme Court ruling that gives corporations the same rights as a registered lobbyist to spend money on any political cause they choose – and they don’t have to register. Nobody knows nuffink!

All this has probably surfaced because some poor lobbyist thinks someone is pinching his lunch. What it reveals is that the amount of corrupt money swilling around in Washington has been seriously underestimated. Big time!

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