Don’t Barrack Barack

Spare a thought for beleagured Barack wallowing around in the Washington cesspit doing his best to make sense of the incomprehensible. I wonder how many times the one term senator wakes up in the middle of the night an wonders why he ever made such a supreme effort to become ‘Mr President’?

Washington has become an enormous, tangled, directionless bureaucracy. Tap dancing in treacle is the required skill – you get nowhere and it exhausts the spirit.

There has been a slow, but steady change in Washington over the years. The malign influence of money has gradually corrupted the values of even the most steadfast senator or congressman. A creeping, systemic corruption has eaten away at one of the world’s supposed great democracies, and emasculated all good intention.

$3.5 billion spent by lobbyists last year, that should give you a clue. Their intent not just to put their point of view, but to influence, cajole and to corrupt. Lobbyists are a malignant force that work against the best interests of the people. Until their activities are outlawed, politics in Washington, and London for that matter, will remain corrupt.

So spare a thought for brave Barack who, against all odds, got his health reform bill through, who forged a new SALT treaty and who pulled the great United States away from the brink when the dishonesty in Wall Street got too much.

Busy, reforming presidents are seen as a threat by the all powerful minority. Those that have want to protect what they have. Somehow they will destroy him.

No matter how well intentioned, this President, or any other for that matter, will never be able to save America from itself.

So what could bring about fundamental change in America? A massive, cataclysmic event on the scale of the Great Depression is probably the only thing that could deliver the scale of change needed to free America from its current level of corruption and turn it into a more equal and just society.

Will the  American people ever see through the illusion of the ‘American Dream’ and finally find their voice?  Unlikely. This is a country controlled by fear: a country which possesses only a thin veneer of compassion.

Maybe, just maybe there might be another Tea Party, but not the current Republican ‘potty Palin’ variety, something as revolutionary as the last one. Too much to hope for, I think. The point of no return has been passed and the self-destruct button has probably already been pressed. We are witnessing the slow decline of the island empire… Pity.

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