Palin Into Insignificance…Hopefully

Sarah Palin as Vice President was a scary enough thought, but President Palin? They cannot be serious! How could any sane person put the words ‘President’ and ‘Palin’ together? It would appear that a lot of Republicans are, and that’s very worrying.

Since helping John McCain to lose the Presidency, Sarah Palin has seldom been out of the headlines. Somehow she has captured the imagination mid-west Americans. Her folksy, self-depricating manner has won her a dedicated core of supporters from ‘red America’ and mid-west folk who now think of her as one of their own. To them she’s become a true ‘mid-west moma’.

Someone once said that they liked Americans, but only the ones that lived near the coast. Europeans find it hard to understand middle America. They are alarmed by their unworldlyness and apparent naiveity – and the fact they cough up dumbass odd-balls like Palin and consider putting her up for President. Bizarre! Perhaps she’s just a crazy sideshow in the land of entertainment?

Sarah Palin is, in true American fashion, taking advantage of her popularity and making as many bucks as she can, as fast as she can. Well, good luck to her, but let’s hope that that her star wanes and good sense prevails…’cos it’s scary.

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